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Script to render your links on different pages anonymous

How to do ?

If you wish to make all your external links on your site anonymous, we offer you a script to perform this operation automatically. Enter the sites for which links shall not be re-directed to (for example: your own site) and click on "Generate the code".

the code to be embedded in your site (at the end of the page).
>Do not render these links anonymous
Separate the domains / key words through commas (exemple : domain1.tdl, domain2.tdl, keyword1, ...)

Once the code has been embedded in your site, the clicked links will no longer be referred to your site but anonymously (except for those you had specifically mentioned. With vBulletin, for example, you can include the script code at the footage of the general models (Styles and Models - general Models - Footage). In Wordpress, use the footer.php. Caution the links on your site placed after the code will not be directed to NoRefer, so place the code as close as possible to the end of the pages.

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